Faceted Search Product Filtering

Faceted Search Product Filtering Functional Overview

Faceted Search, also known as "product filtering", allows customers to narrow down a list of products by selecting options that match their interests.

StoreBuilder performs filtering updates lightning fast for a great user experience. StoreBuilder supports selecting multiple values within a filter set. The presentation of both the filters and the currently selected list of filters is completely customizable with our powerful Theme Engine.

Filtering Speed

StoreBuilder filtering performs at industry leading speed. There are a number of factors that go into making this happen, but a few of the most notable components that make this possible is StoreBuilder's product datawarehouse and fast compiled handlebars templates.

Filtering Capabilities

StoreBuilder filtering allows for multiple selections per set of specifications/attributes. Many competitor platform will only allow customers to select one item from each group of filter values which can be frustrating to your customers.

Filtering Navigation History

Ajax page refreshes are nice and fast, but just as important is what happens when your customer wants to go back one step in their filtering. StoreBuilder maintains navigation history in the way a typical customer expects. If you select three filters one at a time and hit the back button, customers expect to go back one logical step in their experience and not lose all selected options they've selected so far.

It is common for customers to select filters one at a time to get closer and closer to the product they want to purchase, but then press the back button when the last selected option didn't quite produce the results they wanted. The customer expectation is to go back only one step and then select another option to see if that produces better results. If your platform goes back clearing all filters the user has selected you will frustrate your visitor and may cause them to leave the site and try another competitors website.

Filtering Data Entry

StoreBuilder builds the filter sets based on the existing brand, category, and tag mappings, pricing data and product/variant specifications. This means there is no duplication of data entry work to keep your filters up to date, they are always up to date with the current product data.

Filter Theming/Customization

StoreBuilder's open development layer means you can customize how filters are displayed on your website. We don't mean just changing a color here or there, we mean full customization!

  • Vertical or Horizontal filter presentation.
  • Ajax page refresh, or layered navigation, we can do both with equal performance (and can fail back to layered navigation when ajax refreshes fail in really old browsers like IE 7 and 8).
  • Completely customizable html markup.