ShipStation Plugin

The ShipStation plugin for StoreBuilder provides seamless integration of your StoreBuilder with ShipStation for order fulfilment.

Installing the ShipStation Plugin

Add the StoreBuilder.ShipStation.dll to your web project by adding a reference to the Nuget package StoreBuilder.ShipStation

Configuring the ShipStation Plugin within your StoreBuilder site

Before ShipStation can connect to your website, you need to configure a username and password that authorizes ShipStation to access your orders.

Step 1 - Open your StoreBuilder administration portal.

Step 2 - Click the 'Tools' menu and select 'Plugins'

Step 3 - Locate the ShipStation plugin and either double click it, or press the gear button on the right side of the plugin.

Step 4 - Enter a unique username and password that you will give to ShipStation to download order data.

Configuring you ShipStation Account

Step 1 - Login to your ShipStation account

Step 2 - Click the settings icon in the upper right area of the toolbar.

Step 3 - Choose 'Selling Channels', then 'Store Setup', then click 'Connect a Store or Marketplace'

Step 4 - Search for 'Custom Store' and click the 'Custom Store' button

Step 5 - Enter URL, Username and Password

The URL should begin with https and end with /shipstation. Example:

The username and password must match the credentials you configured in your StoreBuilder website.

Step 6 - Configure Order Statuses