USA ePay

The USA ePay plugin provides payment gateway services to StoreBuilder via your USA ePay account.

Installing the USA ePay Plugin

Add the StoreBuilder.USAePay.dll to your web project by adding a reference to the Nuget package StoreBuilder.USAePay

USA ePay Settings

The USA ePay plugin requires the following settings to be configured within Storebuilder:

StoreBuilder.USAePay.SourceKey (string)

The SourceKey is the primary means of authentication with the USA ePay API and can be collected from your USA ePay account.

StoreBuilder.USAePay.Pin (string)

The Pin is used during authentication with the USA ePay API and is an optional additional factor for authentication which can be configured in your USA ePay account.

StoreBuilder.USAePay.UseSandbox (true/false)

If set to true StoreBuilder will run transactions as fake sandbox transactions. StoreBuilder will then use the API endpoint instead of the regular

Test Credit Card Numbers

Card Number Expiration CVV2 Code AVS Response CVV2 Response CAVV Response Card Level
4000100011112224 0919 123 YYY M A
4000100111112223 0919 321 YYX M A
4000100211112222 0919 999 NYZ M A
4000100311112221 0919 999 NYW M A
4000100411112220 0919 999 YNA M A
4000100511112229 0919 999 NNN M A
4000100611112228 0919 999 XXW M A
4000100711112227 0919 999 XXU M A
4000100811112226 0919 999 XXR M A
4000100911112225 0919 999 XXS M A
4000101011112222 0919 999 XXE M A
4000101111112221 0919 999 XXG M A
4000101211112220 0919 999 YYG M A
4000101311112229 0919 999 GGG M A
4000101411112228 0919 999 YGG M A
4000101511112227 0919 999 NN M A
4000101611112226 0919 999 N/A M A

More Information

For more information including test cards for more detailed testing, please see the USA ePay Developer Sandbox Wiki.