The MailGun plugin provides email sending services using your MailGun account.

Installing the MailGun Plugin

Add the StoreBuilder.MailGun.dll to your web project by adding a reference to the Nuget package StoreBuilder.MailGun

MailGun Settings

The MailGun plugin requires the following settings to be configured within Storebuilder:

StoreBuilder.MailGun.Domain (string)

This is the Domain name that MailGun will be using to send emails. You can add a new domain to your MailGun account here

StoreBuilder.MailGun.APIBaseUrl (string)

This is the Base Url for the MailGun Api. The current base url is:

StoreBuilder.MailGun.APIKey (string)

This is the API Key provided by MailChimp when you add a new domain.

StoreBuilder.MailGun.DisplayName (string)

This is the name that is displayed when an email is sent with the MailGun Plugin.
from: DisplayName <Email>

StoreBuilder.MailGun.Email (string)

This is the email that the MailGun Plugin will use when sending emails.
from: DisplayName <Email>

How to find your MailGun Settings


  • Login to MailGun
  • Go to Domains

  • Select the domain

  • Your Domain is the large header


  • APIKey is on the same page as the domain