The MailChimp plugin provides integration of your StoreBuilder with MailChimp subscriptions and eCommerce360.

Installing the MailChimp Plugin

Add the StoreBuilder.MailChimp.dll to your web project by adding a reference to the Nuget package StoreBuilder.MailChimp

MailChimp Settings

The MailChimp plugin requires the following settings to be configured within Storebuilder:

StoreBuilder.MailChimp.ApiKey (string)

This is the ApiKey provided by MailChimp .

StoreBuilder.MailChimp.MailingListId (string)

The MailingListId is the Id of the mailing list users will subscribe to.

How to find your MailChimp Settings


  • Login to MailChimp
  • Go to Account

  • Go to API Keys in the Extras sub menu

  • Scroll down to the Your API Keys section


  • Login to MailChimp
  • Go to Lists

  • Go to the Settings of the list you want the Id of

  • Go to List name & defaults

  • Your MailingListId is under the List ID section