The BeanStream plugin provides payment gateway services to StoreBuilder via your BeanStream account.

Installing the BeanStream Plugin

Add the StoreBuilder.BeanStream.dll to your web project by adding a reference to the Nuget package StoreBuilder.BeanStream

BeanStream Settings

The BeanStream plugin requires the following settings to be configured within Storebuilder:

StoreBuilder.BeanStream.MerchantId (int)

Your Merchant Id is provided to you when you set up your account

StoreBuilder.BeanStream.PaymentsApiKey (string)

The PaymentsApiKey is needed to complete any payment API calls

StoreBuilder.BeanStream.ProfilesApiKey (string)

The ProfilesApiKey is needed to complete any profile API calls

How to find your BeanStream API Keys


  • Login to BeanStream
  • Go to Order Settings

  • Scroll down to the Payment Gateway Section to find the API Access passcode: This is your PaymentsApiKey


  • Login to BeanStream
  • Go to Payment Profile Configuration

  • In the Security Settings Section find the API access passcode: This is your ProfilesApiKey