The StripePayments plugin provides payment gateway services to StoreBuilder via your Stripe account.

Installing the StripePayments Plugin

Add the StoreBuilder.StripePayments.dll to your web project by adding a reference to the Nuget package StoreBuilder.StripePayments

Stripe Payments Settings

The Stripe Payments plugin requires the following settings to be configured within Storebuilder:

StoreBuilder.StripePayments.IsDevelopment (bool)

A bool to determine if Test Keys or Live Keys in the settings are used

StoreBuilder.StripePayments.TestSecrectKey (string)

Your TestSecretKey provided by Stripe

StoreBuilder.StripePayments.TestPublishableKey (string)

Your TestPublishableKey provided by Stripe

StoreBuilder.StripePayments.LiveSecretKey (string)

Your LiveSecretKey provided by Stripe

StoreBuilder.StripePayments.LivePublishableKey (string)

Your LivePublishableKey provided by Stripe

How to find your Stripe API Keys

  • Login to Stripe
  • Go to Account Settings

  • Go to API Keys